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Who better than a gay
can understand same-sex life?


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French pioneer in the gay wedding planning,
I design tailor-made weddings and love life events
in France and wherever gay people are welcome.

Wedding proposal

A gay wedding is more than transforming a heterosexual ritual into a gay-friendly one!

The events of life are as important to mark as the events of the company. Life not the greatest human enterprise?
From the declaration of love after a bachelor's trip, through the premarital retreat, wedding day, wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day and the renewal of your oaths of love... I accompany each of these events and I am always at your side.
Keep in mind that using my services is an investment in the future. My intervention relieves you of part of the stress due to the treatment of many details and greatly increases your chances of success and especially your chances of obtaining a result much more satisfactory for you.

My difference will make the difference!

Wedding services


Don't think of anything, I take care of everything!
I have to foresee even the unpredictable.

Evénements mariage

The wedding proposal

You do not know where, when and how to ask this to the man in your life?

Let's create together the best way to achieve this.

The most important thing is the effect of surprise... On a beach, by dancing in the street or on a plane, I don't lack ideas to obtain you a "Yes".

What to want to kneel or to say yes to his darling!


Let's start by making the checklist preparatory to the event:

1. The place
2. The menus for seated dinner, cocktail dinner, giant barbecue, typical meal...
3. The musical atmospheres
4. The wedding announcements, invitations, menus and table plan, celebration program, thank you cards...
5. The Groom's Outfits
6. The photographer and / or videographer
7. The dragées and gifts
8. The animations to create emotion and dazzle your guests
9. The equipments
10. The decoration - Classic: Buffets, dressing of seats, tableware, lighting… Unusual: Personalized dishes and chocolates, engraved glasses, surprise, etc.
11. The floral Decoration - Buttonholes, centerpieces, bouquet, procession...
12. The hairdressing and well-being
13. The car Rental - Limousines, old cars, 4x4, prestige cars, carriages...
14. The welcome and accompaniment of your guests
15. The honeymoon and the Wedding List
16. The blog or website, Facebook or Twitter page
17. ...

Special Escape Organization

This escape is specially designed for couples who want to discover exclusive places, do some shopping and for a little romance!

These 2 days / 1 nights include:
- A coordination meeting with the providers.
- A princely stay in a luxury resort! One night in Suite.
VIP welcome - Champagne in room.
- Romantic menu in a Michelin-star gourmet restaurant.
- Access to Spa and a ritual care in duet.
- Breakfast in the room.

Wedding made to measure

This offer includes:

- Initial consultation with the brides in order to define their budget, the schedule and their expectations.
- Monthly appointments with newlyweds, at home or by telephone.
- Search, selection of the various service providers and send detailed quotations.
- Appointment and booking with service providers.
- Administrative formalities (Publication of banns, special flight requests, visas ...).
- Possible accompaniment of the bride and bride during fitting and beauty.
- Presence on D-Day to ensure the proper conduct of the wedding.
- Welcome guests.
- Reception and management of different providers.
- Orchestration of the reception, logistical details.
- Last Minute contingency resolution.

Just before the event

The bachelor party to celebrate his "last night of freedom."

A bachelor party is a party held by a man shortly before he enters marriage, to celebrate his "last night of freedom."

A bachelor party is usually planned by the brides and witnesses, with my assistance as bachelor party planner.

The party is strictly restricted to men only...

After the event

Wedding Anniversaries,
Anniversary of each of the spouses,
Romantic surprise,
Valentine's Day,
Renewal of the oaths of love...

Best wedding venues


In the lush greenery of the Lot-et-Garonne, in the heart of the Saint-Émilion and Castillon vineyard, in Paris, at Seychelles or on a Polynesia island, there are destinations where gay people are welcome! Places that will bring to each ceremony of union a dreamlike world that even the wildest dreams can not invent.

I have selected venues are waiting for you and will welcome you for an exceptional and luxurious 'gay' wedding - not for a pale copy of the heterosexual wedding ritual...

Wedding venue

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