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New Aquitaine - Occitania - Côte d'Azur

From Gironde Estuary to Spain,
from Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean Sea,
discover a myriad of elements constituting a material
and especially immaterial heritage obvious and yet elusive,
the pinnacle of what is dreaming when we think Southwest of France
and those who live there.

Explore the man origins

Valley of mankind

The "Valley of Mankind"

The most magnificent vestiges of the Palaeolithic era in France are concentrated along the Vézère valley in Perigord also known as the "Valley of Mankind" included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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A men story and great builders

Rugby scrum

In the land of the Walled Towns

Well before rugby was invented, English and French were already squaring up to each other! Travel in the land of the Walled Towns between the Middle Ages and our present time from the Perigord to the Lot and Lot et Garonne.

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Select the good bunches

Wine trip

The heaven of fine wines connoisseurs

Global excellence masters, the winemakers grow sparkling wines, sweet wines, red wines, white wines, rosé wines without forget the Cognac, Armagnac and other unique liquors with colours and aromas which are becoming increasingly sought after by world's wine lovers.

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It's must be tasted to be believed

Gourmet delights

Here, gluttony is not a defect

The Southwest of France lifestyle is largely built around its culinary delights. The pleasures of the table are among other a key part of daily gay life...

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Better to be well equipped

vtt entreprises

A nature for several profiles

The region is a nature dedicated to hikers, bikers, horsebackers, motobikers with several profiles: sportsmen or followers of slow tourism, historians, gourmets, oenologists, great children looking for many experiences...

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Let a steady hand on the rudder

St Louis barge

The freshwater sailors paradise

With 6,700 km of waterways, France is a freshwater sailors paradise. For a weekend, a week or more, the possibilities of gay cruises are multiple. Just as the choice of the boat, crewmen and a captain with a steady hand on the rudder!

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Nothing to hide


World leading naturism destination

Wide open spaces, respect for others, environment preservation: this is the naturism spirit. Come to discover here the French Nakationing, this contemporary form of let go. Happiness is in a gay and naked live!

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On or under the surfers ride


The other surfing Mecca

The Basque Coast has some of the best surfing spots in New Aquitaine - A world place renown! Come to discover the history of « Tonton surfers » of Biarritz: Dick Zanuck and Peter Viertel.

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1, 9, 18 holes the choice is yours


Play on unexpected golf courses.

The geographical wealth allows for a wide variety of different golf course styles, playable all year round. Both the ocean coastline and inland share some of the finest courses in France and Europe. Built in 1856 by the Scots, the Pau golf club is the french oldest golf course.

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There are no harm to please themselves

Land of waters

A venue full of wellness

Aquitaine means in Latin the "land of waters". It is indeed the first thermal region of France, with 30 of the 103 thermal establishments of the country. This is due to the richness of its aquatic subsoils, flled with mineral salts and trace elements allowing to ofer a wide range of hydro- and thalassotherapy, beauty, fitness- and well-being.

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"The Best City" and
"The Best Destination"

Photography or painting class

Luxury Gay Escape

We used to call her the 'Sleeping Beauty', but – though she’s hit the snooze button a few times – Bordeaux is now wide awake and ready for action. I suggest: walk in the "superbly grand architecture", a private cruise in Arcachon Bay typical boat and tasting in Top Growth Châteaux in Médoc and St Emilion.

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Enjoy our all inclusive
luxury cruises

Nude drawing class

Ponant Embassy

Embark for one of our luxury cruises aboard one of our PONANT ships and live the experience of a truly exceptional sea voyage with a difference. PONANT offers you the promise of unforgettable moments aboard our compact and intimately sized cruise yachts, all of which sail under the French & Rainbow flag and Rainbow flag.

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