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Wherever gay people are welcome


Leave to discover much more that a destination, but the one who lives there.
Leave with explorer's eyes, child's eyes.
Leave without blinders, by disregarding his knowledge and convictions.
Leave to understand, hear, know, learn and pass...

Explore the man origins

Valley of mankind

Where is the cradle of humanity?

A discovery made on a site in Algeria blurs the maps even more with regard to the place and date of the first representatives of the genus Homo and especially of the beginning of the lithic industry. The history of humanity may well be born not only in East Africa but also in North Africa.

A History of Civilization


The Human Adventure

Discover how archeology contributes to the knowledge of societies without writing as well as to the civilizations of writing. And how it makes possible a new dialogue between textual sources and material sources, which upsets several areas of ancient, medieval and modern history.

Select the good bunches

Wine trip

For connoisseurs of fine wines

Masters of oenological excellence, winemakers cultivate sparkling wines, sweet wines, red wines, white wines, rosé wines without forgetting sparkling wines and other unique beverages colors and aromas more and more sought after by true wine lovers.

It's must be tasted to be believed

Gourmet delights

No, gluttony is not a fault

The lifestyle of our society is largely built around its culinary delights. The pleasures of the table are among other things a key element in the daily life of the countries visited.

Better to be well equipped

vtt entreprises

A nature for several profiles

The Earth is a nature dedicated to hikers, cyclists, riders, bikers, paragliders ... with many profiles: sportsmen or slow-moving tourists, historians, gourmets, oenologists, children looking for multiple experiences...

Let a steady hand on the rudder

Croisière gay

The sailors paradise

Today, there are many types of cruises dedicated to LGBTQIA customers, from the most lively and thrilling to those sailing slowly along the Danube. Whether you want to party with thousands of new friends, or browse historic towns before relaxing with a cocktail in hand at sunset, a cruise is definitely for you.

Nothing to hide


Happiness is in a naked live

Wide open spaces, respect for others, environment preservation: this is the naturism spirit. Come to discover here the Nakationing, this contemporary form of let go: Balmins Beach in Sitges - Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines in New York - Obelisk Beach in Sydney - Sandy Bay Beach in Cape Town - Brighton Naturist Beach - Will Rogers State Beach in Santa Monica - Platja Es Cavallet in Ibiza - Bellevue Beach in Copenhagen - Mar Bella in Barcelona - Elia Beach in Mykonos - Maspalomas in Gran Canaria - Praia do Abrico near Rio de Janeiro - Lokrum in Dubrovnik - Mari Pintau on Sardinia Island - Playa Chihuahua in Uruguay - Euronat Beach, France...

On or under the surfers ride


The legendary surf spots

Of Polynesian origin, Surf was for a very long time the preserve of the royal families whose leaders proved their value, strength and courage by facing the waves. Let's go face the waves of Pororoca, Amazon (Brazil) - Uluwatu, Bali (Indonesia) - Lance's Left, Mentawai Islands (Indonesia) - Tamarin Bay (Mauritius) - Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (Mexico) - Banzai Pipeline, North Coast 'Oahu (Hawaii) - Superbank, Gold Coast (Australia) - Desert Point, Lombok (Indonesia) - Coconuts, South Coast Upolu (Samoa) - Bells Beach (Australia)

1, 9, 18 holes the choice is yours


Play on unexpected golf courses.

The geographical richness of our earth allows a wide variety of styles of golf courses, playable all year round. I selected the most sumptuous courses in the world: Al Ghazal, Augusta, Legend Golf and Safari Resort, Guyancourt, Sperone, Crans-on-Cierres, TPC Sawgrass for swing parties in total escape.

There are no harm to please themselves

Land of waters

Wellness Retreats

As travelers pay more attention to their physical and psychological fitness, it’s no wonder more companies and destinations touting their wellness offerings for LGBTQ globetrotters.

like any other family

lesbigay families

Lesbigay Family Holidays

Do you still think that lesbigay families differ from heteronormative families in the area of holidays selection, preparation and consumption? When lesbigay families bring their children on vacation, 68% choose a child-friendly destination, while 32% opt for a gay-friendly destination.

The best gay city breaks in Europe and beyond

City break

Gay city breaks

Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, Malta, NYC... But what is a gay city? For me, it means a space where being gay is just like being straight, where gay culture is open and welcomed, where we – LGBTQIA people – can live in less fear.

Gay prides


Prides around the world

Brussels, Antwerp, Reykjavik, Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Galway, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, York, Paris, Luxembourg, Oslo, Finland, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Zurich, Berne, Geneva, Friborg, Vienna, Warsaw, Rome, Milan, Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Istanbul, Barcelona, Sitges, Madrid, Maspalomas, Ibiza, Lisbon, Porto, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Provincetown, Honolulu, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Springs, Bogotá, Bali, Sydney, Auckland, Cape Town, Johannesburg ...

Snow prides

Snow prides

LGBT+ winter sports gatherings

In September, Gay Ski Weekend Queenstown - New Zealand

In January, Arosa Gay Ski Week - Switzerland ; Aspen Gay Ski Week - USA ; Whistler Pride and Ski Festival - Canada

In March, European Gay Ski Week, Tignes - France ; Snow Gay Weekend, Boí Taüll - Spain ; Elevation Mammoth - USA


Gay festivals

Gay festivals

Major LGBT+ annual events

Barcelona Circuit Festival

Sitges International Bear Week

Berlin : Folsom Europe, Motzstraßenfest and Christopher Street Day

Munich : Leather and fetish meeting, Gay Oktoberfest

Vienna: Bear Congress, Sida Life Ball, Queer Film Festival identities, International leather and fetish meeting, Kreativball and Rosenball

Cancun Paradiso festival

Playa del Carmen Arena festival...

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