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New Aquitaine - Occitania - Côte d'Azur

Bordeaux, Toulouse, Biarritz, Bayonne, Pau, Montpellier, Nice, Lyon, Paris are considered of the top French gay destinations.
There’s an incredible choice of bars, clubs, hotels, saunas, and shops.
Plus being the French places to gather, feast and fun is also big draws.
South of France has a "je ne sais quoi" that makes us love this destination.

Gay life really gets going during both day and night time!

Gay Games Paris 2018

From 4 to 12 August 2018, Paris will host the 10th edition of the Gay Games to the delight of all. Enjoy visiting the French capital while participating in the Gay Games. Sports competitions, special evenings and cultural activities await you. With the motto "All Equal," we intend to bring loudly and clearly to these games the values of respect, and sharing, while fighting against discrimination everywhere in the world. Paris will bring together up to 15,000 participants from more than 70 countries, with 36 sports and 14 cultural events. Our goal: sharing & living together with respect.

Competitions are open to all, without any selection criteria or requirements! The Games are adapted to the level of competitors to ensure that everybody will find their place. So, take part in the largest cultural, festive, and sporting event of the world, open to all: Gay Games 10!

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