Jean-Pierre Leclerc

LGBTQIA tourism market strategist

I'm gay! Who better than me
can help a tourism professional
to penetrate the gay market?


All around the world

You want to maintain the hotel occupancy during off-peak periods and to capture travelers for whom the seasons do not matter.
You want to attract culture buffs and enjoy the events calendar.
You look for a solution to increase your sales.
You wish to expand your target customer.
You want to give yourself more visibility and open the doors of this market.

Four options:

Christmas time

Site audit

Have you a company and a staff " friendly " and open-minded?
Do you have an offer that meets the expectations and requirements of the gay market?

Promotion of your place

Promote your place through the action of a Brand Ambassador.

Dedicated product creation or adaptation of the offer

Specific creations or redesign of offers?
Review of the offer to LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-gender and trans-sexual, intersex).
Adapt the offer to the uses of the target: 100% gay, gay-friendly, hetero-friendly, "adult only", clothing optional...
Training teams.

Optimization of the welcome and creation of an unforgettable and respectful customer contact

Evaluate the expectations of the gay customer.
Anticipate the reception and prepare documents and information to communicate upon arrival.
Manage the customer relationship to perfection to live the dream beyond the simple service.
Create an unforgettable and respectful customer contact source of customer conquest.

You have a project
and want to be contacted?

There are several ways for you
to receive information, to make an audit, to obtain an estimate,
use the more appropriate.

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