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Since June 2015

Make of Pau city and its region The New Friendly and Trendy Destination in France!


From 4th to 12th december 2016

The 1st friendly and trendy cruise aboard Costa Diadema from Marseille - France


Halloween 2016

The 1st friendly halloween party at Pau - France

About me


Where am I? Where do I go? In which state I wander?

My mother was graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris and my father from the Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. I studied first at College Saint Magloire in Dol-de-Bretagne, known to have Monsieur de Chateaubriand as student. Besides this one dedicated it some lines in his “Memoirs From Beyond the Grave”.

After studies at Groupe des Ecoles de Mécaniciens of Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer, near Toulon, I served the French National Navy aboard Tries and measure ship Henry Poincaré, Navy school, French naval schooner Etoile and Belle Poule, Aircraft carrier Clémenceau and Naval center of Instruction. I joined in 1988 the staff officer military corps stationed at the garnisons of Agen and Castelsarrasin then at Point-à-Pitre. In parallel, I resumed my studies at the Catholic Institute of Toulouse. I passed 5 courses. I have a passion for philosophy, anthropology, socio-economy and politics. My paper dealt with the basis and stakes of "Intervention of religious acts in the world socio-economic field".

From command to LGBTI signature

With that singular experience, I return to civilian life in 1995. I specialize in events and participates in the development of many companies in France and abroad.

The matching with the LGBTI tourism industry was done over a period of a few years during which we learned how to work together to lead today a specific offer for friendly market of tourism and events.

What else to say?

Oh yes! I did not become a homosexual, I was born gay... Thus, I know what I am talking about and I may assert perfectly knowing the needs for these valued customers.

I would finish my introduction by quoting Jean-Paul Sartre: "there is reality only in the action; and more, man is nothing other than his own project and exists only in as far as he carries it out… I am filled with a crowd of possibilities greater than anyone could guess from my few achievements… A man engages in his own life, draws his own portrait, there is nothing more…"

Travel designer



Leave to discover much more that a destination, but the one who lives there.
Leave with explorer's eyes, child's eyes.
Leave without blinders, by disregarding his knowledge and convictions.
Leave to understand, hear, know, learn and pass...

I invite you to leave thanks to my signature. The friendly and trendy signature.

The places of exception which I propose you are exclusive cases which pay tribute in our human values and in our specificities. Every traveler will make his these values of authenticity and live well. My creations are opened to all. You are gay friendly! I am heterofriendly... It is you and only You who will choose the hotel category, the type of catering, the activities, the people with whom you will leave and extra which shall mark with the seal of the exclusivity this stay on the chosen destination.

Latest achievements

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Buzz maker

#Events #MarriageEquality #GayWeddingPlanning #GayPremaritalRetreat

Everything can make a buzz! Only the way it's staged makes the buzz...

From the expression of your goal: gay wedding planning, gay premarital retreat, honey moon, wedding anniversary, romantic surprise, Valentine's Day, renewal of vows of love or pride participation... as corporate events, I create the script, develops the synopsis, and stages as requested: naturist, adult only, 100% gay, gay-friendly, hetero friendly… wherever possible on earth, at sea and in the air...

In a world of hyper communication, mass production and standardization, I offer a customized experience. I think the attention to detail that characterizes me brings the little extra that makes all the difference when you participate in one of my events. The authenticity and above all the permanent concern of every detail, with a style that emphasizes the discretion rather than ostentation, that's all the little touches by which I try to make all the difference in terms of friendly events. Gay but, open to all!

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#LGBTImarket #LGBTIconsultant

Do you want to maintain the hotel occupancy during off-peak periods?
Do you want to attract culture buffs and enjoy the events calendar?
Do you hope to capture the travelers for whom the seasons do not matter?
Do you look for a solution to increase your sales?
Do you wish to expand your target customer?
You do not know by what end to take it?

I can help you to penetrate the LGBTI market!

I use and abuse of method which involves the implementation of various corporate skills, such as:
- Situate the needs
- Understand why the orientation is useful
- Draw up a winning methodology in conjunction with the strategy developed
- Act accordingly and estimate the shortfall
- Check the effects and the profits in a win/win spirit.

I rise to speak to the motion: