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Gay travel design & Concierge service - France

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France, The destination where
there is no place to inequality


Metropolitan France - French Overseas Departments and Territories

France, country of human rights, the luxury cradle, offers world-class fashion and best gastronomy, most famous wines in the world, gorgeous geography and an outstanding coastline, leading destination for naturist tourism or nakationing.

Place of performing arts and culture. The ultimate romantic destination in the world.
No other place offers a greatest gay way of live like France.

Where else in the world can discover monuments, cabarets, history and regions traditions, national museums, aerospace and aeronautics industry, medical and biological research, beaches, mountains, forests, rural life, fine dishes, foie gras, truffle, traditional pastry and a so vast assortment of cheeses and wines?


There is something for everyone in France! It's also a country with diverse LGBTQIA communities.

Travellers enjoy the full support of tourism professionals, clear result of mutual respect, based on a sense of equality and fraternity which respects the freedom of every human being. Also, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my first partners in this adventure and the next partners. We would be more than happy to host you and your valued clients/associates during your visits and stays in Metropolitan France and French Overseas Departments and Territories.

Bear in mind that I'm gay travel designer and concierge! My role consists in looking for a selection of charming, characteristic and/or picturesque - owned facilities or gay/straight friendly ones and propose them to my target. My priority is the customer safety, the quality of services offered and increasing the numbers of gay persons visiting and enjoying an incredible destination: France.

I have highly selected those only facilities that without restriction accept gay people and who hire staff from the LGBTQIA community or, with a very very open mind. This can ensure a safe holiday in incredibly beautiful places as well as positively contributing in the development of the LGBTQIA market. This is one of my fundamental principles, even personally applied, in all destinations in which I operate.

I believe in creating a strong and positive perception of LGBTQIA market and what we stand for.

I believe in encouraging personal growth and happiness through travel and events and the creation of unforgettable memories. I believe in respecting and supporting local development and I believe that by so doing we can contribute to more acceptance and the growth of gay people and to a friendly and trendy tourism. Leaving is always a great experience: feel the culture of a country, learn the history and discover its natural wonders. I believe that travelling can also contribute to support the local people and protect the environment and wild-life. I chose to be involved first-hand. How? By suggesting in my itineraries facilities that adopt responsible conduct and by supporting the local environment NGOs.

To show my commitment to the integration of nature and sustainability into tourism, I give the opportunity to our customers to experiment the local conditions of life, sometimes the captivating idealized image of a soon-disappearing way of life, sometimes an example of mutual aid and human development.

Offer the best value for money with as many extras as possible (transfers and local taxes included in the room rate) so as to avoid unpleasant surprises later during your stay. My partners are very carefully chosen under all aspects, including the commercial point of view, to ensure that we can offer the best possible rates. Even if I design especially luxury travel, I want also dispelling the myth that gay peoples can afford to travel with no expense spared!

France is The destination where there is no place to inequality.

I believe that every customer, whoever they are, wherever they go, he should feel comfortable in my France.

Welcome the moment you land alone or with a friend, as the person who shares your life!

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Thank you all for your continued trust and your commitment to the LGBTQIA market

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